Gameplay Teaser & Screenshots!

We at Pop Smoke Games are pleased to reveal the long awaited first look at In Country: Vietnam with the release of our new trailer. In Country: Vietnam is the next game from the creators of Mare Nostrum for Red Orchestra: Ostfront.

In Country: Vietnam marks the first time that the Red Orchestra series will depart from the battlefields of World War II by plunging players into the claustrophobic jungle environments of Vietnam. Players can expect to face all new dangers; from crossing deadly open rice fields or clearing rural villages beset with traps, to defending entrenched fire-base positions and more! As an all-volunteer development team, we hope that the trailer highlights our work ethic as well as our promise to deliver original content. Please be aware that everything you see is still a work in progress; we value your opinions and suggestions with the hope that together we can make In Country: Vietnam a success.

So we hope you enjoy this first look at In Country Vietnam and remember to check out our featured weapons, vehicles and characters in greater detail over at our website. Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in our community forums!
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Looks really good so far, is

Looks really good so far, is this going to be sold on steam?

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Sorry for the late reply just

Sorry for the late reply just noticed, it's too early to say the delivery method but at the moment. We would obviously like a steam release the same we had with Mare Nostrum and it's something for us to work towards.

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