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The news about the inclusion of the MKB42 was an April Fools and it won't be making an appearance in In Country Vietnam. The character models are obviously new and we'll have updates on the rest of the US character variations shortly

As part of a look into the US Army character variations and classes we are pleased to reveal a first look at our new African American character and class variants. The US armed forces were fully integrated by the Vietnam War and we feel it is important that In Country Vietnam reflect this reality.

We will of course be covering this along with other character variations in greater depth in the near future with detailed 360 renders and class load-outs but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this first look at what is to come.

You may have also noticed that one of the characters is carrying an Mkb 42 from Red Orchestra 2, you might have expected to see a few weapons from Red Orchestra 2 make an appearance in the hands of the Vietcong but during our research we stumbled across a couple of documents that show that the Mkb 42 was tested and used in the Vietnam conflict by the US Army, albeit in a very limited capacity.

Obviously we are aware that the initial inclusion of the Mkb 42 in Red Orchestra 2 ruffled a number of feathers in the community, but over time it's proved to be a popular weapon on most servers. Now that we have definite proof of its presence during the Vietnam conflict we plan to make it available to US forces on a limited selection of maps.


We always value the opinions of the community so feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in our community forums!

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Thanks for the update guys!

Thanks for the update guys!

This is perhaps the worst

This is perhaps the worst idea I've ever heard. It's absurd, and taking an extreme historical exception based on some document from 1962. Complete rubbish.

Well, you got me on this one,

Well, you got me on this one, whew!

Thank God. don't do this again, lol

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